Burlington Sports Hall of Fame Nomination


Please carefully review the selection criteria below. Submit a letter with appropriate attachments and include the information as required. All nominations must be received on or before February 28th.

Nominee Information


Outline the nominee’s accomplishments and contributions to sport in Burlington. Indicate why you believe the nominee should be inducted into the Burlington Sports Hall of Fame. You should include any relevant support material along with pertinent photos and newspaper articles. NB. Final decisions of eligibility rest with the Burlington Sports Hall of Fame Committee.

Nominator Information

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General Selection Criteria

  • The nominee must be recognized as a Burlington Citizen as defined by the following:  born in the City of Burlington; raised or spent their formative years in the City of Burlington;  achieved their athletic prominence in the City of Burlington
  • Current Members of the Burlington Awards Selection Committee; the Burlington Sports Hall of Fame Committee; and the Burlington Sport Alliance Board of Directors are not eligible.
  • There will not necessarily be an Award winner in every category, every year.
  • A maximum of five (5) Hall of Fame inductions will be made annually
  • A nominee may be in more than one Hall of Fame
  • An individual may be considered for induction in more than one category provided he/she meets the criteria.
  • There is no age factor.
  • There is no limit to the number of nominees each year.
  • A nominee whose name is not put forward for induction will automatically be considered in the following three years.  If not successful in this period of time they must be re-nominated.
  • The Hall of Fame Committee reserves the right to reject nominations based on moral, criminal or ethical grounds.

Specific Criteria


  • Candidate shall have demonstrated outstanding achievement as an athlete in their specific field, or displayed above average proficiency in a variety of sports over a period of time.
  • Candidate shall have brought honour to and fostered pride in the City through their exceptional athletic achievements.
  • An athlete can be considered for induction into the Hall of Fame THREE (3) years after retirement from competition. “Masters Competition” is not a limiting factor.


  • Candidate will have consistently demonstrated outstanding commitment and leadership to athletics or sport as officials, executives, trainers, coaches, administrators, media, teachers or supporters over an extended period of time.
  • Candidate shall have brought honour to and demonstrated pride in the City through his/her achievements.


  • Represented a local club or sport organization within the City of Burlington
  • Team achieved, at a minimum, National or International distinction
  • Its achievement was of historical significance to the City of Burlington
  • The Team shall have brought honour to and demonstrated pride in the City of Burlington
  • The Team must be recognized as a Burlington Team and have the majority of members born in the City of Burlington or raised and/or spent their formative years in Burlington or achieved their athletic prominence training in the City.
Note: Include on a separate sheet, the names and contact information of ALL team members

All nominations must be received on or before February 28th